Hard drive shredding Sheffield

About our Hard drive shredding service within Sheffield

Our Hard Drive Shredding (Sheffield) service  is a superb option if you are in the process of changing over your IT equipment and need to get loads of disks destroyed fast. Our fast response shredding vehicles can be with you next day if required. All of the vehicles are logoed up.

Note – if you need to have IT equipment collected at the same time, depending on the volume, we may be able to provide you with a cheaper quote and in some cases do it free of charge. An example of a customer who benefitted from a free of charge hard drive shredding service was a large data centre company. This company was disposing of over 600 servers and urgently needed the hard drives shredding at the same time. As they we disposing of such a large volume, Revive IT Recycling Ltd we able to offer them free onsite hard drive shredding. The hard drives totally over 1200 and Revive IT crushed them all within a day. All the shredded material was bagged up and loaded on pallets inside the 7500KG vehicle. This allowed it to be safely taken off the vehicle at the Leeds site end.

The shedding tool can be removed from the back of the vehicle and set up inside your building which is usually required due to electricity plug socket demands.

If you would like to get a quote for hard drive shredding in Sheffield, please give Revive IT a phone call or send us an email. We are really quick on our feet and can often get back to you very quickly.

As hard drives bare data, our operators are CRB checked and carry around their certificate at all times so if you need to see it just ask. Our specific data destruction vehicles have cameras on the back so the whole process can be recorded. If you would like a copy of the CCTV footage, you must request one – this is available with the service at a small cost.

View a demo video below :

After being crushed by our hard drive / media crusher any data can never be retrieved.

Contact us for your hard drive shredding needs.

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