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About our Hard drive shredding service within Warrington

Hard Drive Shredding within Warrington is becoming more and more popular with the increasing data protection failures. Our hard drive shredding service can be scheduled to happen any day of the week, even on weekends and weekdays.

The price is the same for all different types of hard drives (SCSI, IDE, SAS, SATA etc and all sizes – 2.5” and 3.5”). 3.5” ones have to be crushed on their own but 2.5” ones can be crushed in multiples as they are weaker.

Our hard drive shredding service covers the whole of Warrington like Warrington town centre, Great Sankey, Old Hall, Westbrook, Orford, Grappenhall, Stocktown Heath, Appleton, Moore, Manor Park, Runcorn, Widnes, Rushgreen, Warburton, Hollins green, Birchwood business park, Croft, St.Helens, Prescot etc.

The service is very competitive and we guarantee to beat any other quote which doesn’t have to be written. We can do hard drive shredding to CESG standards or whatever standards you require. The hard drive destruction machine is mounted in the back of the vehicle and then operated using a standard plug – this will be required at the customer site. It takes about 30 seconds to destroy 1 hard drive but we can destroy over 1000 a day without it overheating.

The shredding machine was very costly but we can still provide a very good deal on the service. Hard drive shredding is ideal if you are based in the Warrington area and need to have your hard drives shredded – circumstances can be for example you are replacing your server rooms IT equipment and you need to ensure all previous data is destroyed. Remember this service does what it says on the tin and any data will be non recoverable so remember to back what you need up. It doesn’t matter if the hard drives are wet or dry – we can complete shredding either way.

View a demo video below :

After being crushed by our hard drive / media crusher any data can never be retrieved.

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