ICT Recycling

We provide a Commercial ICT Recycling Service within the UK

ICT stands for Information communication technology, basically IT in other words. Revive IT Recycling Ltd are experts at ICT Recycling throughout the whole UK region. We unfortunately can’t collect from outside mainland UK as islands are hard to access and we don’t have depots outside mainland UK.

ICT Recycling throughout the UK has become a very competitive market with lots of companies arising after the WEEE regulations was established. However a lot of the companies providing ICT Recycling services are charging. We definitely aren’t though.

At head office we always have agents monitoring the progress of our ICT Recycling collections through the use of streaming technology like live vehicle tracking and cameras attached to vehicles.

If you have any problems with our ICT Recycling collection staff, please make us aware so we can improve the service. This can be done by requesting a customer feedback form.

An example of a collection – a customer from London calls up with 80 servers, 30 printers and 60 PCs – as all of these items are standard waste not hazardous. Only a normal waste transfer note needs to be completed when everything is collected. The servers could be any size so it was important that they stated if they were 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U or 5U. This affects the weight of the whole collection vastly. E.G A 1U server could weigh 20KG and a 5U server can weigh 70KG. It doesn’t just matter what the size is, it matters what the weight it.

Remember if you build up cardboard waste at your site, we can collect this free of charge too as we use it for packaging. As some of the ICT Equipment collected using the service gets refurbished, it gets sold on at affordable prices to the community. This allows us to provide our data destruction service and our service free.

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Request a Collection