ICT Recycling Bradford

We provide a Commercial ICT Recycling Service within Bradford

Bradford is one of Revive IT Recycling Ltds main collection areas as it is very close. Our vehicles perform small and large collections throughout the Bradford area (Bradford city centre, White abbey, Manningham, Heaton, Shipley, Charlestown, Baildon, Simpson Green, Thornbury, Pudsey, Holme Top, West Boling, Staygate, Clayton, Wibsey, Hill top, Westgate hill etc).

A wide variety of WEEE can be recycled free of charge including PCs, Laptops, Servers, Computers, Monitors, Printers, UPSs, Batteries, Accessories. We can even collect these items. Our vehicles are easily visible as they have very nice logos on them. All equipment is loaded loose, not on pallets. If everything was loaded onto pallets, it would only have to be taken off when it gets to our end for processing.

How does processing work then – IT Equipment is unloaded at our site and then given a safe location where all items from a particular location are kept. If the customer needs an asset report, one is written up usually in spreadsheet format. All the tapes and other media like CDs, DVDs, tapes go for shredding. All re-useable media such as hard drives and routers are wiped. Routers / switches / and other network items are config wiped using a console. All details of how everything has been wiped goes on the data destruction certificate.

We perform many collections in the Bradford area as we have a contract with an IT support company there who have over 50 sites that need continual collections. When hazardous waste is collected from the customer like this, instead of doing a different hazardous waste transfer note each time, a multi-drop hazardous waste transfer note is completed. Of course if any of the sites produce over 500.00KG per year, they must be registered as a hazardous waste producer. This is most certainly required for the ICT Recycling (Bradford) service, as everything we do needs to be WEEE compliant.

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