ICT Recycling Lancashire

We provide a Commercial ICT Recycling Service within Lancashire

Recycling ICT Equipment in Lancashire used to be more hassle than it was worth and you would just dump them in a skip. The WEEE regulations have made that all change. Now any public or private sector organisations in the Lancashire area have to either pay for their ICT disposals or they can use Revive IT Recycling Ltd. Revive IT will provide ICT Recycling within Lancashire free of charge.

Not only are the WEEE regulations something to consider but you need to think about the waste hierarchy. Every organisation needs to give the most thought to what can be used again and again instead of just replacing ICT Equipment. IT equipment can be fixed and then re-used. Basically the waste hierarch suggests all organisations disposing of WEEE need to take reasonable measures to ensure anything re-useable is re-used. Revive IT are what it is about when it comes to each of these regulations. Revive IT Recycling Ltd will re-use and refurbish or use for parts anything possible. All the remaining equipment is scrapped for materials re-use such as plastics, cardboard, metals, circuit boards, cables etc.

If required after your ICT Recycling collection, we can provide a report as to where all your disposed of equipment has gone. This is always done for our largest customers such as NHS organisations, councils and government.

ICT Recycling has many data destruction services to suit what exactly you need destroying whether it be onsite or offsite in Lancashire. Some of these destruction methods are shredding (where data holding bits of kit are shredded to mm sized pieces), crushing (where a 2” punch goes straight through a hard drive), data wiping (where your hard drives get hooked up to a data wiping machine so they can be re-used), degaussing (where a magnetic field data wipes your media – customers prefer using this method and then having their media shredded).

If you are based in Lancashire and need ICT recycling – please call.

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