ICT Recycling Warrington

We provide a Commercial ICT Recycling Service within Warrington

Let Revive IT Recycling Ltd introduce ‘ICT Recycling Warrington’ – a free, secure and efficient ICT asset disposal service. This service as it says in the name, covers the entire Warrington region (Warrington city centre, Warrington town centre, Woolston, Orford, Westbrook, Old Hall, Great Sankey, Burtonwood, St. Helens, Stretton, Sworton Heath, Lymm, Rushgreen, Warburton, Sale, Dunham Massey, Croft, Hermitage Green, Manor Park).

ICT equipment includes a variety of items like photocopiers, printers, Uninterruptable Power supplies, Batteries, Toners, PCs, Desktop Computers, Servers etc. If you use the ICT Recycling Warrington service, all of these items can be collected and recycled free of charge with the relevant documentation produced at the time of the pickup (see our website for copies of these).

If you are based in the Warrington area and are a distributor of computer hardware, the problem will have arisen – what to do with all the WEEE returns and exchanges. It will all accumulate up but then it needs an ICT recycling company to come and collect it. As a distributor under the WEEE regulations you are obliged to accept a similar WEEE return to the IT Equipment item you have just sold. Revive IT Recycling Ltd can manage your WEEE logs and provide them on request. We can also perform regular collections from your site and if you require it we can provide lockable containers for your to store the ICT waste in prior to each ICT Recycling Warrington collection.

Don’t forget we have everything covered – even though the IT assets aren’t yours that you are disposing of, we’ll ensure all data is collected and destroyed in accordance with the data protection act. All your data destruction certificates for each ICT Recycling Warrington collection will be accumulated up and then emailed over on request. You can even provide your customers with these.

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