Data Centre Sector

Data centres key purpose is to process vast amounts of highly confidential data. Essentially within a single data centre there is 1000s of organisations confidential data all condensed into rack cabinets.

As we all should know, a single data protection incident relating to a few misplaced items has and will result in large negative implications in the form of bad press, reputation and financial penalties. Now imagine what the ramifications will be through the misplacing, loss or theft of a single data centre cabinet.

Involving yourself with an incompetent IT disposal and data destruction company during your data centre upgrades could well end up having fatal consequences. Revive IT understands the outright severity of data centre decommissioning and recycling projects.

Below we portray the main features of our data centre services.

  • Revive ITs entire data centre service provisions are underlined by a service contract detailing service level agreements covering the quality levels which are required at all times and what the repercussions of deficiencies are
  • Only the highest levels (MOD / HM Government) of data sanitization are offered with shredding, data wiping, degaussing and crushing being conducted at clients addresses along with our own processing site
  • We always want to present our customers with in-depth details as to precisely who we are, what we do and how we do it and where we operate from which is why we have extensively listed everything about ourselves online. Revive IT invite clients to spot check our processing facility when required
  • With our nationwide service we can attend all data centre locations throughout the entire UK. We are located both in London and Leeds.
  • Comprehensive risk assessments have been undertaken by Revive IT expert individuals which investigate all aspects of our service especially focussed around data security. Without doubt Revive IT can say with certainty that we have considered and acquired all available control methods and technology
  • Security, professionalism, compliance and our reputation will not be compromised for any reason under any circumstances
  • We have gained all available accreditations making us the highest accredited IT recycling and data destruction company in the UK. Our accreditations are audited by a UKAS accredited auditor
  • All of our suppliers are bound by a service contract agreement which incorporates data and general security proceedings. All prospective suppliers must meet our specific criteria and must successfully be accepted through our procurement system
  • We invite our customers to visit us, meet our key members of staff and see how your items are being processed securely at any point – no notice required
  • Revive IT employs members of society with the highest ranking IT software and hardware knowledge, experienced, exceptionally educated people who are aligned with the IT and recycling industry.
  • We have a fully trained industrial, IT hardware and software data centre decommissioning team who can attend your site and decommission all your hardware prior to disposal
  • Customers benefit from a quick, efficient, auditable asset tracking system which is securely accessed through a portal on our online site
  • Clients can be rest assured that all relevant legislation compliance is exceeded through using Revive IT for your data centre disposal and data destruction services
  • You’ll receive all applicable documents – all of which can be viewed prior to service engagement: Service contract, Service level agreement, Data sanitization capability statement, Waste transfer note (WTN), Hazardous waste consignment note (HWCN), Data destruction certificate (DDC), Asset report and an audit report
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