Education Sector

Throughout the UK there are approximately 25,000 educational establishments, each using IT hardware extensively as part of their teaching processes. As with many other sectors the amount of confidential data stored on these computer systems is very high.

A common occurrence is the data protection act being mistakenly associated with only the use and processing of confidential data used in these establishments but the responsibility of the controller extends to the point that which the confidential data is securely data destroyed.

Schools aren’t often enforced through legislation as much as other organisations but there are no exceptions, the data protection act, the WEEE regulations and the environmental act etc. all apply to everyone including government departments. It is essential for all educational institutions such as schools, colleges, universities etc. to abide by these laws to maintain a high standard image displayed to others. Revive IT provide free of charge computer recycling and data destruction to any organisations having an IT upgrade or disposal.

The main features of our education sector services are written out below.

  • We can attend your premises to undertake a pre-assessment audit if required along with introducing ourselves
  • Revive IT can provide references from large public sector organisations which utilise our secure service for 100s of schools across the country
  • Service agreements can be contractual or on a as required basis – you choose
  • There’s no doubt that you’re using the correct supplier – we have the most accreditations held by a computer disposal company: UKAS audited ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, 23001, 50001, 18001, 39001, CHAS, Investor in people, BS 7858, BS EN 15713, BSIA etc.
  • We have a sophisticated, high security logistics team who are security trained to the highest standards, second only to the prison / cash transportation service
  • Our education sector service is provided from Penzance all the way to Aberdeen – UK wide
  • An auditable item tracking system is in place so you can watch your collection processed step by step
  • All paperwork provided is easily obtainable through our online password protected system – examples of documents provided prior to service engagement
  • We are not financially driven like many competitors – only key motivation is to build up our brand, reputation, client base and positive impact on the environment and society
  • There’s no need to be concerned about your data going offsite as we can provide both onsite and offsite services
  • Unlike many other PC recycling organisations, we want you to come and visit our site – we are proud of what we have achieved and how professionally we operate
  • If it is too much trouble to disconnect and decommission your PC hardware, our thoroughly trained and experienced staff have the capability to do this for you at your site
  • Our client retention figures are amongst the highest achievable, gained by our professional, reliable and effective service, demanding continual feedback to work with
  • We provide a large amount of jobs of which all are full time contracts, fully paid with less than 10% on minimum wage – supporting our society
  • Revive ITs staff members are motivated, genuinely nice people who are happy to help customers and the business alike to ensure smooth transactions
  • If you’re determined to return money back into the right hands, we suggest an option to all our customers that enables a donation of computer hardware to a charity of your choosing in your organisation name
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