Healthcare Sector

Revive IT can offer service provisions to both private and public (NHS) healthcare organisations. In the short history of IT recycling, multiple NHS organisations have been fined heavily after failures to securely data destroy patient records by using incompetent IT disposal companies which simply put the hardware straight up for sale without any attempt to data sanitize. Such humiliating events could simply have been avoided by the use of cost neutral services provided by ourselves.

  • Our service can either be on a contracted service level basis or via single one off options
  • We have 14 accreditations, as many as possible being UKAS certified making us the IT recycler with the most accreditations
  • All healthcare organisations across the UK can be collected from via Leeds & London bases
  • All security options have been considered and applied to our logistics systems
  • Via our online portal, you can view the auditable asset tracking system
  • Many service levels available to choose from to suit your specific healthcare sector requirements
  • Waste transfer note (WTN), Hazardous waste consignment note (HWCN), Data destruction certificate (DDC), Asset report, Audit report and all other customer documents available through our online portal
  • Our service is of the utmost professionalism, reliability and security
  • Military MOD standards of data destruction can be carried out at your premises or ours
  • Clients are welcome to inspect our premises without any notice as per service level agreement
  • Revive IT employs the most advanced, experienced, trained members of staff who are IT hardware and software oriented. Such people are able to decommission your hardware
  • Above any profits we value security, professionalism and our reputation
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