HM Government Sector

For Government sector organisations, maintaining an impeccable record is fundamental to a service level agreement contract especially with the never ending threat from the press to identify serious data protection failings.

Revive IT understand that providing an ultimately secure service (in respect of general and data security) with all potential risks shielded is indispensible.

Our key HM Government sector service features are highlighted below.

  • All service provisions are underwritten by a service contract including service level agreement detailing the standards which are required at all times and what the consequences of failings result in
  • Our accreditations held far out way all our competitors. We have been accredited with 14 certificates, as many as possible being UKAS certified making us the UK computer disposal organisation with the most accreditations.
  • All government locations across the UK can be collected from via Leeds & London bases
  • Detailed risk assessments have been concluded for all aspects of our service and all available control methods have been implemented
  • Absolutely every single device processed can be tracked from the point of collection via our online portal
  • Waste transfer note (WTN), Hazardous waste consignment note (HWCN), Data destruction certificate (DDC), Asset report, Audit report and all other customer documents available through our online customer access system
  • Revive IT exceeds compliance with all applicable UK legislation such as data protection and environment responsibility etc.
  • All services are given the utmost attention to professionalism, reliability and security
  • Military MOD standards of data destruction can be carried out at your premises or ours
  • A full processing facility examination (spot check) can be carried out at any point by high ranking clients without notice
  • Revive IT employs the utmost advanced, experienced, trained staff members who are ICT hardware and software aligned. By such staff members your live hardware can be decommissioned at your site prior to disposal
  • All suppliers and organisations we associate ourselves with must follow procurement proceedings and are of a high standard. Supplier agreements including data security are obeyed
  • We operate our own data security adapted vehicle transportation team who are only rivalled in security terms by the prison & money transportation systems
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