Large Corporate Sector

Large corporate organisations have many things to consider when it comes to an IT hardware transition and disposal.

Amongst considerations one should include data sanitization, ethical disposal, security, regulatory compliance and environmental stability. In the last 10 years the media has highlighted multiple unforgivable actions in which attempts to dispose of computer hardware and destroy any data forms held ended in utter failure. Worst of all is the unwelcome press, the poor reputation gained and the heavy fines imposed through the data protection act and or the environmental act. Revive IT have worked tirelessly to design our service around the requirements of large corporate organisations and we’re continuously working hard to develop upon what we have established.

Below an overview is laid out of what we have to offer our large clients; this isn’t extensive.

  • Our wide range of provisions are underwritten by a service contract indicating service level agreements detailing the quality levels which are required at all times and what the repercussions of deficiencies are
  • Only the highest levels of data sanitization are offered with shredding, data wiping, degaussing and crushing being conducted at your site and ours
  • Revive ITs extensive list of accreditations can leave you with peace of mind that you’re associated with the best. These 14 accreditations are audited by a UKAS certified institution
  • Each in our inventory of suppliers is bound by a service contract agreement which incorporate data and general security proceedings. All prospective suppliers must apply via our procurement system
  • We want to present our customers with in-depth details as to exactly who we are, what we do and how we do it and where we operate from which is why we have extensively listed everything about ourselves online. Clients are permitted to visit us without notice
  • We can collect from absolutely all corporate organisation locations throughout the UK without compromise on reliability and solely with the use of our own logistics team
  • Comprehensive risk assessments have been undertaken by Revive IT expert individuals which investigate all aspects of our service especially focussed around data security. Without doubt we can confidently say that we have considered and utilised all available control methods and technology
  • Customers benefit from a quick, efficient, auditable asset tracking system which is securely accessed through a portal on our website
  • Clients can be rest assured that all relevant legislation compliance is exceeded through using Revive IT for your computer disposal and data destruction services
  • The documents you’ll receive include: Service contract, Service level agreement, Data sanitization capability statement, Waste transfer note (WTN), Hazardous waste consignment note (HWCN), Data destruction certificate (DDC), Asset report and an audit report
  • We will not compromise security, professionalism, compliance and our reputation for any reason
  • We invite our customers to visit us, meet our key members of staff and see how your items are being processed securely at any point – no notice required
  • Revive IT employs members of society with the highest ranking IT software and hardware knowledge, experienced, exceptionally educated people who are aligned with the IT and recycling industry. We can even attend your site to dismantle and decommission IT hardware during a transition
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