Retail Sector

Since the commencement in IT evolution, the retail sector has progressively made more and more use of the possibilities of integrating IT into point of sale (POS) to allow easy accounting and smooth, professional customer transactions.

With such confidential data as payment transaction records, financial history, secure login credentials and other general confidential information it is fundamental to your operation to dispose of such items in a secure fashion when it comes to a computer POS hardware upgrade.

With POS related devices, data isn’t solely restricted to the IT hardware, it is also retained on printer output thermal / paper receipt rolls stored in the output bin etc. If your organisation is considerably large, you’ll also make use of payment processing servers which contain countless sets of confidential information. Your organisations obligations under the data protection act, via your information commissioner’s office (ICO) registration is to establish and maintain a secure method of processing and destroying confidential data when the retention period has expired and or IT hardware needs to be disposed of. It is a common mistake to identify your duties as just ensuring secure processing of the data with disregard when it comes to disposing of the said hardware.

The primary features of our retail sector computer disposal service are mentioned below.

  • We have many years’ experience in large scale POS data destruction and IT hardware recycling services throughout the UK
  • Revive IT if required are able to acquire references from similar organisations using our services in the retail sector
  • Our service provisions can be catered around your specifications with contractual or one off basis computer retail disposals
  • At Revive IT, we want to ensure all our customers know just how good our services are so we have acquired all available accreditations to certify them. These include: UKAS ISO Energy / Business continuity / Road traffic safety / Quality / Environmental / Security / Health and safety management + IIP / BSIA / BS 7858 / BS EN 15713 / CHAS etc.
  • Our UK nationwide service area is guaranteed to collect from your locations
  • Every single item we process is subject to our asset tracking system – this ensures you are kept in the loop with our online portal
  • Revive ITs security focused setup incorporates all available data security risk control methods and with this we can undertake onsite and offsite shredding, crushing, degaussing and data wiping to HM Government standards
  • A service that exceeds compliance with all legislation: Environmental act, Health & safety law, Hazardous waste regulations, WEEE legislation, Data protection act etc.
  • Our logistic services are operated by Revive IT data security trained operatives who are screened in accordance with BS 7858
  • We are setup to securely recycle any equipment which is IT / telecoms related – not only limited to POS equipment
  • Revive ITs services are ethical, professional, responsible, data secure, compliant and environmentally friendly
  • Our operation is open for viewing without notice to give extra assurance to all our customers that we have nothing to hide
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