SME Sector

99.3% of all private UK businesses fall under the SME category which makes this sector the largest contributor to computer waste disposed and recycled. Just because the responsibility is spread thinly over 5.4 million businesses doesn’t release the responsibility which legislation imposes.

When it comes to disposing of old IT hardware and data sanitization, businesses of all sizes have responsibilities under the WEEE, data protection act and environmental act legislation etc. Usually associated with cutting corners is cost saving but when it comes to this service, Revive IT are providing a cost neutral all in one service without compromise (due to efficient data destruction, segregation, refurbishment and recycling procedures) which gives SMEs no excuses when it comes to compliance.

The consequences of non-compliance or and using an incompetent IT recycling company can result in an unwelcome collection of negatives: government fines, bad press, poor reputation and loss of business etc.

Revive IT has outlined below exactly what is on offer to SMEs.

  • One off basis or contractual service agreements are the options for using our service
  • Revive IT have achieved every single available accreditation. Each of which if available have been UKAS certified and are audited. This list includes: ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, 23001, 50001, 18001, 39001, CHAS, BS 7858, BS EN 15713, BSIA, Investor in people etc
  • We have one of the most secure, data security setup logistics teams with all available control methods implemented, second only to the cash & prison transportation logistic services
  • From our bases in London and Leeds we have the ability to collection from every postcode nationwide
  • Our fleet is ready and available for next day collections if required. No long delays or waiting lists
  • Each item receives a Revive IT asset tag and is tracked process by process through our secure processing system
  • Customers have a quickly accessible online service where all documentation and more is available to download or view
  • Unlike other computer recycling organisations, we rate our professional, ethical and consistently high ranking service far above all else
  • There’s no need to worry about data destruction as Revive IT undertakes onsite / offsite data wiping, shredding, degaussing and crushing
  • We have nothing to hide – our professionalism, ethics and quality goes all the way back through our reputation to our processing facility and offices
  • If you aren’t able to or don’t have the capabilities of dismantling / decommissioning your ICT setup, our internal field experienced, IT staff have the capability to decommission live ICT PC hardware securely, safely and professionally at your site
  • We boast an extremely high client retention rate due to our efficient, high quality service
  • Data security and associated risk assessments along with environmental compliance are focal in providing all the service we offer our customers
  • At Revive IT all staff are involved at one level or another in achieving our overall objective and as such all are treated to the highest standards as confirmed in our investor in people certification
  • The opportunity of assisting a charity of their choosing in their name is provided to all our customers. Revive IT wishes to help society as detailed in our corporate social responsibility policy
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