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Looking for an IT Disposal Reading?

Considering an IT disposal in Reading? If you have old and unwanted IT equipment to dispose of you don’t want to take time away from your business in order to drop off equipment at a recycling centre. Wouldn’t it be much simpler if you could arrange a collection directly from your premises and know that not only will your equipment be completely data sanitised but also disposed of in a sustainable and ethical way. Here at Revive IT this is our speciality. We are an IT disposal, computer recycling and data destruction service trusted across the UK and across sector to dispose of and recycle obsolete equipment. Revive IT have built a reputation as one of the best, boasting 98% customer satisfaction.

Data Destruction

Understandably the security of your data is one of the biggest considerations when selecting an IT disposal service. Our equipment end of life service guarantees data destruction for every item collected by us. So how do we destroy your data? Revive IT has varying methods for data destruction including: shredding and crushing, data wiping, Blancco erasure, label and reference removal, physical destruction, degaussing, and configuration and software resetting. Every single item we collect is data wiped and this is guaranteed. We also issue every customer with a data destruction certificate upon completion of our service so you have all the necessary documentation you require.

What areas do we cover?

Our team of drivers are on the road throughout the week and operate all over the UK including Reading. Our vehicles are able to attend any location and regularly cover: Coley Park, Southcote, West Reading, Katesgrove, Newtown, East Reading, and Caversham Heights amongst others so we guarantee your collection will be carried out in two weeks or less.

To contact our team simply call our advisors at our London office on 0203 582 2578 or via email on

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