The Future of IT Disposal

If you ask someone originating from an older generation the question of ‘what was it like working in an office 25 years ago?’ you’ll receive the response ‘it was virtually computer hardware free’.

IT is transforming at an incomprehensible rate and as we have seen over the last 25 years, no matter what our occupation maybe, we’re all becoming increasingly dependent upon IT and its capabilities.

There are various concerns which Revive IT is highlighting below. These raise numerous threats to the users of IT hardware and awareness must be raised to prevent a lot of individuals and organisations becoming victim to them.

As we have displayed, IT is evolving quickly and at the same time there is a transition between what we know as computer hardware and increasingly clever devices. The confidential information, your information, retained and used on these devices is escalating at an astounding rate. Should your devices fall into the wrong hands at any point or not be securely data sanitized at the point of disposal, your organisation could be put in an unwelcome situation.

To make matters worse, an increasingly large amount of IT hardware is being produced solely for a single period of use without consideration that devices need to be fully factory reset in a secure fashion. Because computer equipment is being phased out by successors so rapidly combined with the fact that manufacturers wish to sell you an upgraded version quicker, it isn’t deemed necessary to spend time developing built in secure factory reset features.

A concern rarely under the spot light is that a good portion of the IT recycling organisations in practice in the UK do not have the skills and expertise to be capable of ensuring sanitization of all data carrying assets and this is at current. As brought up above, the data retaining capabilities of computer assets is sky rocketing along with the fact that simple reset options aren’t being configured on devices; this in turn determines the talent required to securely data destroy your hardware. Sadly such skills and talent are rarely being applied to the computer disposal industry; the sector is most commonly determined as a sub faction of the recycling industry and so most work forces are simply just recycling oriented. Revive IT fully realise the diversity of skills and expertise required in such an industry and so we have obtained an impressive team of individuals with all round knowledge and leadership.

It is only going to become increasingly critical to ensure that a distinct computer disposal and data destruction organisation is chosen for the task of securely sanitizing data. There will become a more definitive gap between the various computer recycling organisations in the market place; at one end there will be a fast changing catalogue of the incompetent IT recyclers who simply can’t handle destroying data securely and professionally. They will either drop off the grid or gain a poor reputation. At the other end of the spectrum, there will be the distinguished computer disposal and data destruction experts who have built up an inventory of experience, knowledge and expertise who know how to carry out the task correctly.

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