Useful Information

The risk of data loss

The risk of your data being misplaced or even stolen is at its peak when it comes to IT disposal. It is critical that all measures are being taken to ensure secure data destruction and recycling.

Licences / certificates

To be compliant with and even exceed the requirements of all relevant legislation you must ensure you use a supplier with the correct permits / licences and furthermore ensure that they issue all the required accurate paperwork.

WEEE directive

The WEEE directive came into law in 2007 and since then all organisations must ensure environmentally sound disposal of all electronic / IT equipment to avoid prosecution.

Data protection

All organisations store and or process data of some form or another whether it is your own or from external sources such as customer records. It is your responsibility to guarantee that it is handled securely. Massive fines wait for non-compliance.

What you need to know

– There’s a lot to consider when it comes to disposing of your old IT hardware; ethical standards, environmental compliance and data security requirements.

Introduction Pack (download)

Revive IT would like to make things as simple as possible for our prospective clients so we have put together an information pack with all the essentials.

Case studies

Sometimes it is nice to know how we handle and have handled similar organisations requirements so we have put together a few case studies examining the ins and outs.


The world is currently changing and so it is essential to keep up to date with all applicable legislative modifications, IT developments and other relevant transitions.


The questions can be limitless when it comes to disposing of your sensitive obsolete IT hardware. If you still can’t find the answers you need on our FAQ page, please contact us.

Service Levels

IT Disposal requirements vary from organisation to organisation which is why Revive IT have established a simple service level system.

Revive IT overview

It is important to know who you are choosing for your IT recycling and data destruction requirements.

Areas covered

Revive IT can collect nationwide and we are located in both London and Leeds.

Our management team

Meet the key members of staff who are leading the way at Revive IT.

The future of IT disposal

Revive IT has planned well ahead so we are set for the expected future changes to the IT retirement sector.

Good vs bad service

Revive IT has listed in extensive detail all that you should expect with a good service and compared it to what is often seen in this sector.

Your checklist

A comprehensive checklist detailing all the things you need to be ticking off your list when dealing with the disposal of IT equipment and data destruction.

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