IT Information Centre Overview


What we recycle – We collect and recycle a broad range of WEEE IT equipment

How we do it – A thorough insight into the steps involved in providing our services efficiently

What contains data and in what form – A clear explanation displaying how and where all your hardware stores your data

15 reasons to use Revive IT – We have chosen 15 key reasons why we believe you should use us for your IT disposals

Service levels – Depending on your requirements, there are many service level options available

Overview of services – A complete list detailing all the services which we provide to our customers

Case studies – We would like to present multiple case studies to prospective clients

FAQs – A comprehensive list of answers to typical questions we’re asked regularly

What is WEEE – A thorough insight into what is classed as WEEE and when this definition came around


The risk of data losses – Revive IT knows that many organisations don’t reconise the risk associated with data loss

Why recycle – There will very probably be more reasons to recycle detailed here than you anticipated

Good vs bad service – It’s essential that all organisations seeking IT disposal know exactly what service to expect

Useful information – We provide a complete inventory of useful information to our customers

What you need to know – Before choosing a computer recycling supplier, there are many things which you must know

Your checklist – To assist prospective customers in making an IT disposal decision, we have put together a useful checklist

The future of IT disposal – What is around the corner in our IT recycling and data destruction industry?

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