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Contact us to discuss your requirements and arrange your collection.

Binding Agreement

We'll complete a customer agreement form which will include our data sanitization capability statement and terms.


We’ll carry out all customer collections using our trained security vetted logistics team along with our own vehicles incorporating CCTV, tracking, security locks, signage etc.

Asset Tracking

Each individual item is tracked through our system via our customer online portal. Tracking can commence at the point of collection or on arrival at our processing facility depending on which service level you choose.

Data Destruction

Depending on your requirements we’ll undertake onsite or offsite data destruction of absolutely every single IT related data bearing device.


Every single item we process is considered for reuse and if reuse isn’t possible, materials recycling is chosen. Either way each item will be recycled via reuse or via materials.


If your collection has been confirmed as donation applicable, we’ll donate a portion of the equipment to charity of your choice in your name.


For each collection, you’ll receive a WTN (waste transfer note), HWCN (hazardous waste consignment note), DDC (data destruction certificate), asset report and full individual item audit tracking details.


Our checklist isn’t complete unless we know you have received the best possible service. We’ll ask for your feedback either electronically or over the phone.

Request a Collection

Request a Collection