What is WEEE

WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) is the term used to define redundant / faulty electronic equipment waste produced within the UK. The WEEE directive 2007 regulations define how WEEE needs to be handled, transported, refurbished and recycled.

WEEE is a rapidly inflating waste stream due to increasingly more people and organisations becoming dependant on what technology can offer along with the fact that new technology outdates its predecessor within a very small time scale. Technology is the fastest developing sector in the world with new revisions being created before the latest products are even available for sale. This leads to a fast turnaround in electronic equipment just so everyone can keep up and not get left behind. WEEE falls into the following categories:

Revive IT Recycling Ltd was established with the purpose of relieving organisations of the risks associated with disposing of redundant IT / telecoms WEEE. The main features of our WEEE recycling service are detailed below:

  • Our WEEE disposal services can be undertaken on single one off pickup terms or on a contractual basis
  • Our in house logistics services were established to be secure incorporating all available data security measures
  • We serve 1000s of organisations all throughout the UK – any similar establishments to yourself would be willing to provide references
  • We have a perfect track record and an unrivalled number of accreditations
  • Revive IT ensure sound sanitization of all data stored on all types of IT / telecoms devices all the way from data centre systems to basic switches
  • All paperwork provided is approved by the Environment Agency as they audit our premises regularly
  • Revive IT employs educated, experienced members of staff with extensive knowledge in health & safety, data security, IT and recycling
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