IT Recycling Bolton

We provide a Commercial IT Recycling Service within Bolton

Bolton is quite an affluent area producing 100s of tonnes of waste each year. Among that waste is lots of IT Equipment waste such as printers, laptops, phones, mobiles, batteries, UPSs, Desktop PCs, Computers – the IT Recycling (Bolton) weekly collection service can ensure all WEEE you have is collected and recycled quickly and responsibly.

All matters of the IT Recycling service in Bolton have been taken into consideration. For starters, Revive IT Recycling Ltd can bring any type of vehicle that the collection requires. For normal IT items like printers, desktop pcs and monitors, Revive IT can send a man and a 3500KG van. The IT Equipment waste load capacity in this type of vehicle is approx 1.3 Tonnes which equates to nearly 150 IT Equipment items depending on what they are. It is important when booking an IT Recycling Bolton collection, to state what exactly you need collecting –a rough guide will do. It doesn’t have to be 100% accurate. After all Revive IT does the complete asset report, so you don’t have to.

All IT security issues have been taken into consideration. The main one is data destruction – Revive IT can collect your data holding devices and destroy them offsite or we can physically destroy them onsite via crushing, shredding or data wiping. Each method varies time wise.

If you are wondering which parts of Bolton are covered by the IT Recycling Bolton service, then everywhere is – Bolton city centre, Bolton town centre, Farnworth, Liitle Bulton, Bradshaw, Harwood, Egerton, Chapeltown, Smithills, Middlebrook, Horwich, Radcliffe, Bury, Lostock, M61 motorway, Kearsley, Stoneclough etc.

Once the IT Recycling collection has been done and multiple site collections are loaded in the van, the van comes back here and is unloaded. Each collection is given a unique storage location until all data baring devices are removed and destroyed and the asset report has been completed. Keep in mind that our complete data destruction service does exactly what it says and any data will never be recoverable – so remember to backup any that you need!

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