IT Recycling Lancashire

We provide a Commercial IT Recycling Service within Lancashire

All of Lancashire, Blackpool, Preston, Leyland, Southport, Heysham, Whalley, Clitheroe, Barnoldswick, Burnley, Blackburn, Skelmersdale etc are eligible for FREE IT Recycling collections.

What is the benefit to companies, schools, public and private sector organisations then – well when a new regulation or law is implemented; it usually means higher costs for those in this sector. When the WEEE regulations started, it affected everybody as everybody produces IT waste. Initially it meant increased costs but instead now Revive IT Recycling Ltd can provide free IT Equipment recycling to everyone in the Lancashire area.

All your IT assets will be label stripped and then either refurbished or broken down for recycling. Material waste streams include plastics, metals, circuit boards, cable, batteries, hard drives and various computer components. Some of these materials still have recyclable value.

Remember if you are in the Lancashire area and produce cardboard, this can be collected a the same time as your IT waste, PC towers, Servers, Laptops, Mobile Phones, UPSs, Batteries, computer cases etc.

How regular are collections in the Lancashire area then – well if you have a full load (approximately 150 items), then we can get to you within a few days. If you only have a small amount or less than a full van load then we have to collect your equipment the same day as others to make it economically viable. We try to make our service as environmentally friendly as possible by merging IT Recycling collections together to reduce fuel consumption. All drivers are taught how to reduce fuel consumption by the way they drive.

If you have any large IT Equipment items to be recycled such as photocopiers, enormous battery back up UPSs, please make us aware of this as we will need to bring the relevant vehicles and multiple IT recycling trained staff.

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