Laptop recycling Liverpool

We provide a Commercial & Residential Laptop Recycling & Disposal Service within Liverpool

Laptop recycling (Liverpool) is a service that allows all of Liverpool’s occupants to recycle all old IT Equipment free of charge. The service takes any IT related items that are in any state – such as laptops, printers, servers, desktop PCS, Tower Units, Cables / connectors, UPSs, Batteries and much more. The laptop recycling Liverpool service can now also accept other recyclables such as cardboard and batteries.

You may not know this but laptops are actually classed as hazardous waste because they have batteries and backlights. The backlights contain mercury and the batteries contact lead – both are very hazardous if they get into the water streams. For example if laptops get dumped in landfill, the hazardous components will eventually enter the water system which can damage the environment and wildlife. Due to the installation of the WEEE regulations, all organisations disposing of laptops, computers, WEEE etc are required to use licensed companies such as Revive IT Recycling Ltd. Revive IT are based in Leeds but we can collect from all location in Liverpool – Anfield, Wallasey, Moreton, Wirril, Heswall, Eastham, Garston, Liverpool city centre, Oglet, St. Helens, Runcorn, Widnes, Kirkby, Orrell, Walton, Bootle, Edge Hill, Everton, M62 Motorway, Neston etc.

Our vans are all operated by our own trained drivers. We spend quite a reasonable amount of time and money on training our staff so that when you need them, they are very helpful. All staff performing the laptop recycling service are well aware of the safety methods at hand such as manual handling etc.

If you are storing up IT Equipment waste regularly and need it collecting for recycling in the Liverpool area quite often, get in touch and we can set you up for scheduled collections. Our vehicles can collect any mount of IT Waste and we can even leave you with 1100Litre wheelie bins to store it in.

Please get in touch and quote – ‘Laptop recycling Liverpool’.

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