Laptop recycling Sheffield

We provide a Commercial & Residential Laptop Recycling & Disposal Service within Sheffield

Revive IT Recycling Ltd provide an all around IT Equipment recycling and disposal procedure. This procedure includes data deletion, asset tag reporting, waste notes, managed collections, hazardous registrations, and an all around certified service.

The  Laptop recycling (Sheffield) service covers quite a lot of areas like – Sheffield city centre, Eckington, Handworth, Treeton, Aughton, Aston, M1 motorway, Kimberworth, The brecks, Whiston, High Bradfield, Rivelin, Heeley, Upperthorpe, Middlewood, Oughtbridge etc.

Revive IT collect all kinds of laptops in any condition – broken, smashed up, water damaged, faulty, in bits, any age – all get recycled.

Any that work, get refurbished for re-use which saves them entering the energy demanding material recycling process.

Laptop recycling is an on demand, fast and efficient service. We have vehicles passing through the area up to 4 times a week so whenever you need a collection, just get us know.

All items like laptops, desktop computers, servers etc bare hard drives which all contain data. Each hard drive needs to be securely destroyed or your confidential data can leak and cause issues for your company.

We take all the hassle out of disposing of your old IT equipment, laptops, printers, servers, WEEE, photocopiers etc. – We take care of all the asset reporting, data destruction, waste transfer notes and hazardous waste consignment notes.

If you prefer to drop your old / broken laptops off at our warehouse in Leeds – we are open weekdays 8 – 5.30pm. No need to call up prior to dropping off. The warehouse team are always at hand.

A recent customer in Sheffield wanted their HDDs removing there and then. We did so. A strange request but they wanted all hard drives to be data wiped and then return to them for re-use. Revive IT did this at a small charge.

The customer was left pleased with the Laptop Recycling service they received – they have since used our computer recycling service twice.

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Request a Collection