Laptop recycling Wakefield

We provide a Commercial & Residential Laptop Recycling & Disposal Service within Wakefield

Revive IT Recycling Ltd is a specialist IT Equipment recycling company. Instead of recycling all waste types, Revive IT, recycle solely IT equipment which allows us to focus on the service and provide it in finer detail. For example the Laptop recycling Wakefield service includes, data destruction, asset reporting and full certification provided. We can even register yourself as a hazardous waste producer for a small fee – laptops are hazardous and if you produce over half a tonnes worth of these and other hazardous materials, you must register with the E.A every 3 years.

All laptop are either refurbished or broken down to materials for recycling at our Leeds recycling facility in Buslingthorpe Green, Leeds, LS7 2HG.

A recent example of a Wakefield based laptop recycling collection was one that occurred a year or so ago. A utilities provider in Wakefield just off the M1 motorway had nearly 200 laptops to recycle along with loads of other assorted IT equipment such as monitors, keyboards, phones, desktop PCs, printers, servers.

Revive IT went to do a initial inspection of what was there to ensure the correct vehicle came to collect everything. Revive IT ended up sending a 7.5 Tonne wagon to collect all WEEE as it weighed nearly 3 tonnes. An asset report was completed as the items we passed into the truck. It was vital the company received a full asset report. Once the asset report was emailed over, they checked it with the one they had.

All hard drives, media tapes and other media were securely erased or physically destroyed at the Revive IT site a day later. A data destruction certificate was produced once it was finished.

The fleet recently upgraded their vehicles – all computer recycling collection vehicles are managed by Revive IT and tracked every minute of the day. Each vehicle is emptied at the secure Revive IT site, before being left unattended.

If you have any enquiries about laptop recycling in Wakefield, get in touch.

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