Laptop recycling Yorkshire

We provide a Commercial & Residential Laptop Recycling & Disposal Service within Yorkshire

Laptop Recycling (Yorkshire) is a service run by Revive IT Recycling Ltd. We collect and recycle any laptops and other IT related equipment free of charge in line with the WEEE Directive. The data wiping or hard drive destruction of your laptop drives can be done at your site or at our Leeds site by data wiping, crushing, shredding, degaussing etc. You will receive a data destruction certificate for this. All your old obsolete and faulty laptops are collected free of charge within the Yorkshire region – Leeds, Hull, Bradford, Wakefield, York, Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley, Huddersfield, Skipton etc.

This is a free service which makes all transactions very easy.

Any laptops that are un-usable or faulty or obsolete are used for parts or are broken to down to materials like metal, plastic and circuit board for recycling. Any that are re-useable are either used for parts or refurbished to be re-sold on generating some income.

Our own vehicles collect all laptops for recycling in the Yorkshire area. A hazardous waste transfer note is issued for each collection of laptops. Laptops are classed as hazardous waste due to the mercury in the backlights along with the lead in the batteries. Note – it is important that you register with the EA if you produce over 500KG per annum which is very easily done if you are a large organisation.

One recent collection involved picking up over 100 laptops from Yorkshire to be recycled. The customer wanted all hard drives removing and left with them though. 3 of our skilled staff attended the laptop recycling Yorkshire collection where they removed all hard drives and left all caddies / screws intact. It is important to leave all parts / connectors inside the laptops if you plan to refurbish them for re-use.

Collection reports can be produced showing every bit of IT equipment you have recycled.

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