Electrical Safety

The purpose of the electrical safety at work regulations 1989 is to require precautions to be taken against the risk of death or personal injury from electricity in work activities.

This legislation affects Revive IT in the following circumstances: IT hardware decommissioning, IT hardware testing, computer hardware refurbishment, resale of PC hardware systems and maintenance of our own internal IT systems.

Revive IT is fully compliant with this legislation and we know our full obligations; ways in which we are compliant are detailed below:

  • Revive IT employ industrial, commercial and residential electrical system specialists who can identify dangers and implement control methods
  • As part of our internal training programme we thoroughly train staff everything related to electrical safety before they are permitted to commence work
  • Revive IT have implemented the following standards and have received certification for CHAS & UKAS audited ISO 18001
  • We continually perform health and safety audits and review current compliance in the ever changing environment
  • Revive IT health and safety management have undertaken extensive in depth risk assessments identifying all possible dangers and we have acted upon them
  • All items which we refurbish and process undergo strict electrical safety checks to ensure they are safe for reuse
  • Certain items which pose significant health and safety threats are only touched by authorised members of staff using controlled techniques
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