Importance of Compliance

There are comprehensive laws surrounding computer disposal and data destruction. Should you fail to comply and get a spell of bad luck, it could result in a massive uninvited negative impact on your establishment.

We have highlighted the main reasons why you should ensure compliance by choosing a market leader in the IT recycling and data destruction industry:

  • Abiding by all applicable legislation doesn’t have to come at a price. Revive IT provides cost neutral computer recycling and data sanitization without cut corners
  • There are criminal gangs and individuals who are targeting disposed of IT hardware to obtain confidential information which often ends up being used for fraud, blackmail, competitive advantages and various illegal purposes
  • Many incompetent computer disposal companies are exporting WEEE illegally or and disposing of it via other illegal / improper outputs making you liable through your duty of care
  • With extensive laws surrounding this market place, you can only ensure you are covered by using an established, reputable IT recycling organisation
  • The vast proportion of supposed computer recycling companies are incapable of ensuring data destruction of all your data retaining devices due to incompetence, inexperience and lack of knowledge. Surprisingly a considerable proportion of IT recyclers think that only hard drives store data
  • Failure to comply with all applicable regulations such as the WEEE directive and Data Protection Act etc. could leave you with bad press, massive fines, criminal record, loss of business and even a prison sentence
  • Secure IT logistics with all available control methods implemented are essential in such a market place. The vast majority of computer disposal companies use third party logistics and if they do operate their own transportation system it is unlikely to meet the required standards
  • Non-compliance with correct disposal and data destruction practices can result in negative impacts on the environment and or your personal confidential data being exposed to the world
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