Waste Management

The Waste Management Licensing Regulations 1994 apply to those persons involved in the collection, storage, treatment and disposal of controlled wastes. The regulations dictate the licensing of persons or businesses involved in the management of waste and relate directly to the licensing of a site or activity to carry out the management, processing and disposal of wastes.

Any organisation processing, recycling, dismantling and refurbishing computer IT waste must hold the relevant waste management permits and licences.

Licensing is carried out by the Environment Agency (EA) and 3 main sectors are taken into consideration which are financial stability / security, previous history / offences and technical competence.

Specifically for WEEE waste management, the facility must be contained within a building with impermeable concrete floor and no activities are permitted to be undertaken outside of the demise of the treatment facility. All activities which will be carried out must be disclosed to the EA.

Revive ITs conformity is detailed below:

  • All our WEEE IT computer waste operations are authorised and permitted through the EA
  • Revive ITs activities are carried out in secure indoor premises with a solid concrete floor. Outdoor storage is not in use
  • The waste paperwork we issue for both standard and hazardous waste is compliant with EA rules
  • The EA audit our site on a routine basis to confirm continuing compliance with applicable legislation
  • Revive IT management submit returns to the EA regularly which highlights all hazardous waste we process
  • We have an impressive individual item tracking system in place which informs you where an item came from, how it was processed and where it has ended up
  • Revive IT invests heavily in employee training and advancement to ensure all our operations are carried out efficiently
  • We are the highest accredited computer PC disposal supplier within the UK
  • Exporting waste is not something that Revive IT Recycling are involved in
  • Our retention period for all WEEE transfers is 3 years
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