Nationwide IT recycling

We provide a Nationwide IT Recycling Service – FREE of charge

Every part of mainland UK is covered by this free of charge nationwide IT Recycling service. What this service involves is us, Revive IT Recycling, collecting any computer related items for recycling from any national / nationwide UK location.

We take everything from computer towers, printers, laptops, servers, CRT monitors, LCD monitors to other IT Equipment. As the majority of IT equipment items bare data, the data destruction service is included in the service. This means anything such as tapes, hard drives, flash disks, USBS, CDs etc are all data cleansed. Only the hard drives can be re-used after data wiping. Everything destroyed and everything wiped and re-used gets noted on a data destruction certificate for the customer.

Nationwide IT recycling also involves our staff, removing the equipment safely and securely wherever it is located whether it be a garage, 6 floor, multiple floor or basement.

Revive IT generally end up refurbishing approximately 60% of what is collected. These IT Equipment items are PAT tested and sold on for re-use which generates the company income. Anything non-reusable such as Pentium 3 computers, CRT monitors etc are all broken down in an ATF (authorised treatment facility) where they are recycled as materials rather than as refurbished units.

Revive IT are the leading nationwide recycling organisation in the Leeds area. Our vehicles cover the whole of the UK – these vehicles have extra security locks and are each individually tracked 24 hours in case they go out of our hands.

Revive IT Recycling Ltd have been granted a T11 exemption for the Leeds site which allows us to recycle and refurbish anything IT related along with toner cartridges.

We offer various nationwide IT recycling solutions to businesses, schools, offices, warehouses, NHS, councils, government etc where ever they are based in the UK.

A simple IT equipment collection of over 10 items is free of charge and includes offsite data destruction.

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