Nationwide PC disposal

We provide a Nationwide PC Disposal – FREE!

Our Nationwide PC Disposal service is what to use if you need to recycle any computer related hardware. Revive IT Recycling Ltds vehicles can collect nationwide from any site within the England, Scotland, Wales region. Nothing is left behind – our vehicles take anything that was designed for IT or Telecoms purposes and all gets recycled. The good majority of competitors will charge for this service but Revive IT Recycling Ltd do it for free.

We can collect as much as required, whether it be 50 Computers, monitors, desktops, servers, laptops etc or 5000 assorted IT Equipment items. The Nationwide PC Disposal service has no maximum and no minimum quantities. The old PCs, computers, monitors etc don’t have to be on pallets. The driver and his assistants can load the vehicle with all the WEEE waste. It doesn’t have to be located in the loading bay. If the WEEE waste is on a different floor or in a basement, not to worry.

Included in the service is free onsite or offsite hard drive and media tape physical destruction. We can obliterate your hard drives at your site or you can bring them to our site for destruction. The data tapes are shredded, degaussed or crushed. Degaussing is when media is run through a magnetic field and all files are reset to zero. Customers often want to see the data baring device physically destroyed inside of wiped with a magnetic device so degaussing isn’t often used.

A recent PC Disposal service job carried out was in London. A customer needed 80 PCs collecting from a school and all hard drives needed to be removed onsite and left with the customer. A date and time was arranged. Our vehicle went to the customers site with all relevant tools. All hard drives were removed at a rate of 1 minute per PC so the process didn’t take too long. All hard drives were left with the customer as they didn’t want them to leave the site as yet. Only a waste transfer note was required – no data destruction certificate as all data baring devices had been removed.

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