Offsite destruction

Our Offsite Data Destruction Service is Nationwide

Offsite data destruction is a FREE service that destroys all data on any IT Computer related media. All IT items are stripped of their data baring devices for this process. Offsite data destruction happens when we do an IT Recycling collection from a customer and bring all IT equipment back here, where the data destruction occurs. You can also drop your data baring devices off at our Leeds head office – Revive IT Recycling, Unit 8 Buslingthorpe Green, Leeds, LS7 2HG.

The only time we ever charge for this service is when, you need us to collect only data baring devices for destruction and no IT equipment.

IT Equipment we recycle with the data destruction collection service includes laptops, Computer bases, CRT / LCD monitors, Servers, Toners/Ink carts, Whiteboards, batteries and UPSs etc.

When a collection has been done, the IT equipment is brought back to your site and then each collection is given its own cage. Each cage gets processed within a week or so and absolutely anything data drenched will be removed. The IT equipment left over then goes for processing (refurbishment or materials recycling).

The hard drives go into the data wiping room for data wiping. If they are data wiped fine they go for re-use. If they are less than 20gb or are faulty, they go to be crushed and then recycled and materials. Any data tapes go immediately for shredding or crushing. All other media goes for shredding or crushing including memory cards, USBs, flashes.

Note – a lot of networking items have configurations that always have to be wiped for re-use. If not wiped, someone up to naughty things could access your network and cause a lot of damage. If the config can’t be wiped, the networking item such as a router, switch etc will be physically destroyed.

If you need anything data baring destroyed, get in touch with Revive IT Recycling and we can provide what you require at a very competitive price or even for free.

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