Onsite hard drive crushing

We provide a Commercial Onsite Hard Drive Crushing Service nationwide

Onsite hard drive crushing is an affordable service that is very important if you are disposing of your IT waste. Many organisations have been fined by the authorities for not taking reasonable methods to protect their data privacy. The data protection act requires you to do so.

Every organisation has IT equipment changeovers and all IT equipment recycled bares data whether it be photocopiers, laptops, servers, printers, mobile phones, computers, desktop PCs etc. Photocopiers are the least expected but if you didn’t know, they actually store every photo that has ever been copied.

Our vehicles come to your site, decommission your IT equipment, remove your data baring hard drives, barcode scan them into our hard drive disposal records system. Your hard drives then get crushed using the CESG approved EDR hard drive crusher.

The 10 Tonne hard drive crusher cost nearly £10,000 so we have to charge for the service unfortunately but in some cases we can provide onsite hard drive crushing free of charge if you are a large organisation that uses Revive IT Recycling for computer recycling and IT disposals.

If you are planning a large IT asset change over, get in touch with Revive IT Recycling and we can help you plan this process including keeping on top of your asset disposal knock off records.

Following the onsite hard drive crushing, left over material is sold on per tonne and recycled as material. Absolutely no data is left recoverable. Crushed hard drive material is very sharp so gloves need to be worn.

Luckily the hard drive crusher has many safety features such as a door that when open, doesn’t allow the hard drive crusher to operate. No eye protection is required. You operate the crushing feature by pressing a button, simple as that.

If you require IT Equipment recycling at the same time, another member of staff will load the vehicle up to save more time.

Choose Revive IT Recycling Ltd for all onsite hard drive crushing required.

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