Onsite hard drive destruction

We provide a Commercial Onsite Hard Drive Destruction Service nationwide

Onsite hard drive destruction is a process by which Revive IT Recycling Limited crush your data holding hard disk drives onsite (at the customers premises).

All hard drives are removed from your PCs, Servers, Laptops, Copiers, Printers, RAID Arrays ect at your site by our specialists. They are then barcode scanned into our system which at the end of the service, you will be emailed your hard disk disposal report.

Our 10 Tonne EDR crusher crushes 1 normal 3.5” hard drive at a time or can do multiple laptop drives in one go as they are smaller than 3.5” Drives. Revive IT can even make video evidence of the crushing for you for your records.

The onsite hard drive destruction tool operates by crushing a 2” hole straight through the centre of the hard drive, right through the platter which leaves any data absolutely unrecoverable.

The EDR hard drive crusher is portable and is vehicle mounted for transport by then can be carried to any part of the customers building. The hard drive destruction unit does require a normal electricity plug socket to operate. It doesn’t use extensive amounts of electricity to crush hard drives.

The onsite hard drive destruction vehicle can travel all around the country. In terms of cost, it depends on many factors such as your location, how many hard drives you have and whether you need them removing from the devices like computers, servers and on.

You receive full certification for this service including a data destruction certificate for the hard drives and a duty of care waste transfer note for the crushed hard disk drives.

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