Onsite hard drive shredding

We provide a Commercial Hard Drive Shredding Service nationwide

Onsite hard drive shredding is one of Revive ITs services that we are most proud of. We use the 10 Tonne EDR Hard Drive Crusher to perform this operation. The Onsite hard drive crushing service operates all across the UK in areas such as London, Leeds, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol, Reading etc.

Our main service which we were set up to provide is IT Equipment recycling (computer, PC, Laptops, Servers, Printers, Desktop PCs, UPSs, Batteries etc). We collect and dispose of all IT related items in an environmentally friendly manner. Less than 1% of what we collect goes to landfill. The service is free of charge which makes it extremely competitive.

When we perform IT Equipment recycling collections, your onsite hard drive shredding can be done at the same time. We can remove your hard drives from your servers, laptops, photocopiers, desktop computers, networking items with our own tools and then crush them at the same time. This can be chargeable but it depends on your individual circumstances (e.g. your location, the amount of hard drives you have, whether you need them removing from your items or whether they are already removed etc).

The hard drive crusher operates by pushing down through the platter of the hard drive, making any data unrecoverable. The hard drive is in bits after this operation. All crushed material is bagged up in heavy duty builders bags and then once back here it is recycled as material. Some of the materials inside hard drives, do have some recyclable value.

All hard drive barcodes can be scanned into a document  to bring up a hard drive disposal report which is required by very large companies.

When the onsite hard drive shredding service is in operation, you can see through the transparent material, the process taking place which is very impressive. No safety features such as goggles are required. Choose Revive IT Recycling for ultimate hard drive destruction and shredding.

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