Onsite media tape destruction

We provide a Commercial Onsite Media Tape Destruction Service nationwide

Onsite media tape destruction is a new and unique service operated by Revive IT Recycling Ltd – no third parties or organisations are involved. This specialist media tape obliteration service picks up from all parts of the UK such as Bristol, Bath, Cardiff, London, Oxford, Cambridge, Peterborough, Leeds, York, Bradford, Liverpool, Blackpool, Middlesbrough, Hull, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Doncaster, Wakefield etc.

Onsite Media Tape Destruction requires high security. All of our vehicles are manned by our own staff – we never use other organisations to provide our services. All our vehicles are live tracked 24 hours a day at our head office. We can see the exact location and what mph they are doing. All vehicles have additional security locks so even with the main van key they can’t open the storage compartment. All our staff are CRB security checked and are all CRB clean.

So how does the onsite media tape destruction service work? The customer calls up Revive IT Recycling stating what exactly needs to be collected for recycling (IT Equipment, PCs, Laptops, Servers, Printers, Monitors, UPSs, Batteries etc) and what need to be securely destroyed onsite. A free service is quoted if you are a large organisation using us for our IT disposal services. A quote is written up if you are an organisation just wanted onsite media tape shredding (no collections). The vehicle comes to your site with the CESG approved crusher mounted in the back. All data back up tapes are removed from their holdings and then individually crushed into bits of plastic by the 10 tonne pressure crusher. All crushed tape and plastic material is stored in sacks. Any data is absolutely unrecoverable. You can even request your crushed tapes to be shredded offsite at an additional cost. All crushed tape material is recycled along with other plastics by a waste management company we have paired up with. You will receive a data destruction certificate for the weight or amount of data tapes destroyed with the onsite media tape destruction service. A waste transfer note should also be provided for the weight of material recycled.

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