Onsite media tape shredding

We provide a Commercial Media Tape Shredding service nationwide

Onsite Media Tape Shredding is a nationwide service that goes side by side with our IT Recycling service. This service comes at a small cost as it involves Revive IT bringing a vehicle mounted shredder or crusher to your site. We can shred your backup media tapes to CESG standards using CESG approved machines. Revive IT can even remove your data tapes from your data centres, back up storage libraries, tape banks etc.

This service operates in these areas and more – UK, Nationwide, National, Colchester, Ipswich, Peterborough, Norwich, Birmingham, Bristol, Southampton, London, Croydon, Gloucester, Newport, Swansea, Exeter, Stoke, Manchester, Leeds (head office), York, Hull, Liverpool, Bolton, Preston, Carlisle, Glasgow, Edinburgh etc.

We can shred or crush any amount of tapes but the more you have, the lower the cost per unit. We can even provide this service free of charge to large organisations using us for their IT Recycling.

What is the difference between onsite and offsite data destruction?

Onsite media tape shredding involves, Revive IT Recycling bringing a vehicle mounted tape shredder to your site. All media tapes are removed from their housing by our specialists. Whilst one person does this, another operates the shredder or crusher and destroys them. We can even scan the barcode from each to form a disposal inventory (which is essential to some companies).

Offsite media tape shredding can involve us collecting your media tapes for destruction or you can drop them off at our Leeds site for destruction. You can even arrange to watch them be destroyed in front of your eyes. We can collect media backup tape disks on their own for a small charge or we can collect them along with other IT related items (PCs, Printers, Laptops, Desktop Computers, Servers, Media centres, Televisions, TVs, games consoles, LCD Monitors, TFT Monitors etc) free of charge.

Whichever option you choose, your onsite media tape shredding needs will be provided. Revive IT – Your first choice for media tape destruction.

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