PC recycling

We provide a Commercial PC Recycling Service within Mainland UK.

PC Recycling is the collection and disposal or refurbishment of IT Equipment. This involves the recycling, disposal and re-use of IT Equipment, PC Towers, Laptops, Printers, Servers, Plotters, Apple computers, Networking items, Cables and accessories.

Our PC Recycling service is undertaken FREE OF CHARGE nationwide. We have vehicles regularly visiting the following areas and more – Aberdeen, Dundee, Perth, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Ayr, Leeds, Hull, Newcastle, Bradford, Manchester, Wakefield, Liverpool, Warrington, Stoke-on-trent, Birmingham, Sheffield, Nottingham, Leicester, Coventry, London, Southampton, Cardiff, Bristol, Cambridge, Peterborough and more.

We can collect any equipment that is related to the IT sector in any volume. It doesn’t matter what condition the IT Equipment is in – preferably not wet though as wet equipment is dangerous as well as soaking the insides of vehicles.

The PC Recycling service includes a number of FREE extra benefits:

The first being – Onsite Data Destruction – We can remove from its shell and physically destroy any data baring devices at the customers site. Occasionally chargeable but it depends what volumes and the circumstances.

Offsite data destruction – Anything in your collection that hold data such as hard drives, backup tapes, floppy disks, USB Drives, CD Drives are all either shredded, crushed or data deleted at our site.

For either data destruction service, you will receive a certificate, generally emailed over within 2 weeks!

We can also provide a number of different vehicles to suit the collections requirements – these include 7.5 Tonne trucks, 3.5 Tonne vans with or without tail lifts and artic trailers.

What certificates will we receive is a main question asked by our customers. Well you will receive your waste transfer note, hazardous waste consignment note, asset report (if demanded) and a data destruction certificate.

Our processing site is fitted out with all the latest security technology to ensure the PC Recycling service is 100% secure.

Get in touch with Revive IT Recycling Ltd if you have any queries or would like to organise a collection.

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