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We provide a Commercial PC Recycling & Disposal Service within Bradford

Revive IT Recycling Ltd undertakes a lot of PC Recycling work in the Bradford area. We have a contract with a public organisation providing a complete IT Recycling solution to all the schools. This contract includes the collection and perfect disposal of over 50 tonnes of IT PC Computer waste every annum. This totals just over 40 vans worth. This only amounts too approx 3% of revive Its current waste IT recycling volume.

Many areas of Bradford are covered by this service – Bradford city centre, M606, M62, Heaton, Shipley, Thornbury, Undercliffe, Tong, Staygate, Four lane ends, Clayton, Allterton, Checkheaton, Wyke, Calverly etc. Unsure whether your location is covered by PC Recycling Bradford, give us a call.

Data destruction is a main feature of our PC Recycling (Bradford) service. Any data baring items like hard drive disks, flash cards, USB modules, floppy disks, CDs, DVDs are all shredded, data wiped or crushed offsite or onsite (may incur a small charge if done onsite).

Revive IT Recycling Ltd package and post 1000s of parcels every month and are in urgent demand for mass amounts of cardboard every week. If your organisation produces cardboard in volume regularly, we can collect this weekly even at the same time as your IT Equipment recycling collection. Again the cardboard collection is a free service. The cardboard isn’t recycled, it is reused physically for packaging up IT Equipment. This is better for the environment. All areas of Bradford are covered by this. What types of cardboard are of use then – anything apart from paper and wet cardboard as that is useless.

How do we ensure our customers are 100% satisfied after using the PC Recycling (Bradford) service? Well along with the data destruction and asset report certificates, customer satisfaction forms are emailed over.

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