PC recycling Doncaster

We provide a Commercial PC Recycling & Disposal Service within Doncaster

If you haven’t heard about PC Recycling (Doncaster) yet, it is a service designed to take away the hassle of recycling your old computers, PC towers, laptops, printers, monitors, CRTs, LCDs etc – from main Doncaster areas like – Hexthorpe, Doncaster town centre, Doncaster airport, A1M motorway, Bassacar, Wheatley, New Rossington, Melton brand, Toll bar, Hesley etc.

Although Doncaster isn’t a big area, it does produce a lot of WEEE waste, most of which is currently collected by the council at a charge. These organisations being charged, don’t need to be, just get in touch with Revive IT Recycling Ltd and we will do all the hard work for you.

Companies such as Barclays spend approximately £500,000 every year on IT Disposals. There is absolutely no reason why that should be the case. Faulty, scrap or reusable IT Equipment does have a little bit of value which does allow us to provide the PC Recycling Doncaster service 100% free.

Some of the main features of the PC Recycling service are: We use our own, owned transport which is modern, reliable and signed up. Our own drivers operate the vehicles. We can collect from multiple locations at the same time in case you have many locations. We have barcode scanners attached to software on specialised computers which allows us to scan and record all assets that we dispose or recycle.

Most IT Asset recycling companies have risen up since the implementation of the WEEE regulations a few years ago. Ours unlike others, is a free service. You may think that, not paying for the service means it will be poor quality, but that isn’t the case. We are professionally set up and well established with the relevant standards in place to monitor our staff and vehicles.

If you aren’t happy with any part of the PC Recycling service, you can simply give us a call and your comments / problems will be noted on a feedback form which again is reviewed in a management meeting monthly. Choose Revive IT Recycling for PC Recycling within the Doncaster area.

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