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We provide a Commercial PC Recycling & Disposal Service within Liverpool

PC Recycling in Liverpool – a fantastic IT Equipment Recycling and disposal service that allow you to get rid of all those old PCs, Computers, Servers, Laptops, Monitors, CRTs, LCDs, TFTs and on from the following locations and more: Birkenhead, Oxton, Liverpool City centre, M62 Motorway, Childwall, Garston, Liverpool Airport, Bebington, Crosby, Thornton, Kirkby, Maghull, West Kirby, Neston, Tarbock, Prescot, St, Helens etc

What is so good about PC Recycling in Liverpool then? Well this service allows IT Equipment to be re-used instead of simply throwing it out and replacing it. It is easy to produce IT waste especially for all large organisations. It is also easy to give Revive IT Recycling a call to arrange a free collection.

Some IT equipment items have hazardous components in them which need to be treated with care. For example CRT monitors have lead, LCD screens have mercury in the backlights – both these hazardous components if thrown in landfill, enter the earths water stream and can cause many hazards to the environment. If you use Revive IT, any hazardous components are recycled with care and are properly dealt with. You are issued a hazardous waste consignment note for each collection which ensures there is a full paper trail.

Red Brick properties in Liverpool recently requested a PC collection. They were on a building project in Liverpool when they uncovered a mass amount of WEEE that had been left behind by the last occupant. Revive IT Recycling offered to collect this for a small free within a few days which didn’t delay their job at all. They say they will be using Revive IT Recycling for their own future disposals being so pleased with the service we provided. The PC Recycling (Liverpool) service provided Red Brick Properties with a waste transfer note and a hazardous waste consignment note in line with the WEEE Directive.

Did you know clicking delete on your computer doesn’t remove any data. You need to physically destroy the hard drive by either crushing or shredding to ensure complete destruction.

Choose the PC Recycling (Liverpool) service for this.

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