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We provide a Commercial PC Recycling & Disposal Service within Manchester

The WEEE waste stream is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the UK. Did you know by using PC Recycling (Manchester) service you can prevent your WEEE from ending up in Landfill sites and not only that you will be complying with the WEEE directive. When the service is free, there is no excuse, is there!

PC Recycling in Manchester is one of Revive IT Recycling Ltds most successful services probably due to the size of Greater Manchester. This service primarily involves the collecting and sound disposal of anything IT related (Computer PC Towers, WEEE, IT Equipment, Servers, Telecoms  equipment, CRTs, TFTs, Laptops, Printers etc). Other parts of the service include offsite or onsite data wiping or complete destruction, asset reporting in any format along with all documentation provided.

Eccles, Manchester city centre, M60, M62, Greater Manchester, Salford, Cheadle, Sale, Stockport, Oldham, Rochdale, Bolton, Bury, Hyde, Redditch, Bredbury, Manchester airport, Trafford park, Leigh, Farnworth, Gatley, Altrincham etc are many of the places covered by this service.

One client last week requested PC Recycling and was very pleased with it. This company was a utilities provider and had over 5 sites in the region. Each site had accumulated over 1 Tonne of WEEE which was sat doing nothing. They had decided a free collection is all that it was worth so they gave Revive IT a call. Revive IT suggested some dates and sent the vehicles at the agreed time. All faulty kit and recyclable kit was loaded piece by piece until each vehicle was at its weight limit. The equipment was transported direct to Revive IT Recycling Limited’s site in Leeds. A cage was set aside for the company. Each cage has security access which is only given to the relevant most trusted of staff. Each PC Recycling collection is aimed to be processed within 1 week. Once processed all the data baring devices go for processing which usually takes up to 1 week. The is all in line with the 2 week limit we aim to get the certificates sent over to the customer.

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