PC recycling Sheffield

We provide a Commercial PC Recycling & Disposal Service within Sheffield

PC Recycling Sheffield is a specialist service provided by Revive IT Recycling Ltd. Basically if you are in the Sheffield area, either a residential or an organisation, you can have your old PC towers, Laptops, Servers, Printers, CRTs, LCDs, TFTs, IT Equipment, WEEE, Monitors etc all collected and recycled free of charge in compliance with the WEEE Directive and the Data Protection Act.

Absolutely every area in Sheffield is collected from – Hillsborough, Sheffield city centre, M1, Rotherham, Heely, Attercliffe, Dronfield, Greenhill, Meadowhall, Meadowhead, Treeton, High Bradfield, Chapeltown, Deepdale etc.

What are the benefits of the PC Recycling in Sheffield service? Revive IT take anything IT related in absolutely any condition. Many other competitors will pick and choose which is no good. We can provide onsite and offsite data destruction. We can provide any vehicles suitable for the collection – e.g. Sprinter LWB, 7.5Tonne, Sprinter LWB with a tail lift. All our vehicles are under 4 years old to ensure they are reliable. We can write up a full asset report which includes serial numbers, asset tags, make and model of any IT Equipment recycled. This asset report cane even be customised. Revive IT provide the workforce – no matter where your old IT Equipment for recycling is located, whether it be in the attic, basement, 5 floors up, in a lockup, we will be there at the time/data chosen with as many employees as required to complete the job efficiently and professionally.

One customer in Sheffield recently put in a weird request recently – they needed their marble floor to be covered before we transported the IT Equipment for recycling across it, so Revive IT came prepared with ply wood flooring to cover this up. The customer was very pleased.

Another customer wanted onsite degaussing but didn’t have any power outlets onsite. Luckily Revive IT are well prepared – we can provide vehicle loaded generators to power our data destruction equipment. All data tapes were degaussed onsite and only took about 2 hours. Once they were all degaussed, they were taken back to Revive Its specialist recycling facility and crushed using our CESG approved crusher. To see this crusher in action in a video, please see our data destruction page on our website.

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