PC recycling Warrington

We provide a Commercial PC Recycling & Disposal Service within Warrington

PC Recycling in Warrington is a free PC Disposal collection and recycling service. This service covers many locations in and around the Warrington location such as Warrington city centre, Lingley Green, Burton wood, Stockton heath, Appleton, Thelwall, Croft, Birchwood, Lymm, Manor park, Ashtons Green, Hatton, Moston etc.

If you are in the Warrington area why would you simply throw your old IT equipment in a skip when it contains confidential data that can easily put your organisation in a bad place if stolen? All you have to do to use the PC Recycling service, is send over an email or give us a call. We will dispose of PCs, Printers, Servers, Laptops, Comms gear, Cabinets, Telecoms kit, Fax machines etc.

One of Revive ITs team members was giving local organisations a call who were in the Warrington area making them aware of the PC Recycling service. One IT Support company we came across was amazed we provided such a service free of charge. They currently stored endless amounts of computers, PCs, Printers and servers in their attic. From here they took 5 items to the skip every week. This is against the WEEE Directive, in which businesses and organisations have to responsibly dispose of PC Waste instead of simply throwing it into a skip. This organisation instantly signed onto the service. We now collect from them every month and undertake all their hard drive destruction. Up until we had gotten in touch, they had been removing the hard drives and putting them in a big black wheelie bin which was bursting. They hadn’t a clue what they were going to do with them. Hitting hard drives with a hammer or submerging them in water doesn’t do anything at all. You either need to shred them or you need to physically remove and penetrate the platter to make it unusable. We now remove this companies hard drives and destroy them offsite with our CESG approved crusher.

This is an excellent service for all IT Service providers!

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