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We provide a PC Recycling & Disposal Service in York

Are you wanting to recycle old PC Computers and monitors in the York area? If so Revive IT Recycling can provide a free collection and recycling service including data wiping and asset reporting.

We pick up from quite a few locations in York such as Wiggington, Clifton Moor, Earswick, Warthill, Marston Moor, Askham, York city centre, A64 area, Skelton, Yorkshire moors, North Yorkshire, Hessey etc.

Wondering why PC Recycling within York can be provided free of charge, well lets start at the basics – we have an IT Equipment recycling establishment based in Leeds which is fitted out with expert employees and machinery to allow us to quickly recycle and refurbish IT Equipment. Obsolete items such as printers, servers, desktop computers, laptops, PC towers, network switches are all broken down to materials like plastic, metal, circuit boards, metals and cable. This is all then sold on per tonne for materials recycling and because we recycle so much, it makes it all worthwhile. Whereas newer PC items like modern computers and laptops are refurbished, PAT tested and then graded for re-use.

A client based in York that uses our PC Recycling service is York University. York University has many IT Departments who annually produce tonnes of PC Recycling waste. All of which they need asset logging and securely data wiping. Why does the University of York use Revive IT Recycling for this service then? Well firstly we are reliable, friendly and we do exactly what we say in a decent time scale. Our vans turn up at the university site where they are loaded with all PC Recycling waste, a waste transfer note is completed along with a hazardous waste consignment note for any of those hazardous items. We usually charge £10 for each hazardous waste transfer note as that is what the environment agency charges us. But for continued customers, we don’t charge a penny.

Any questions or help we can provide regarding your PC Recycling requirements, just let us know.

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