Onsite Data Wiping

Onsite data wiping is essential should you wish to reuse or redistribute your IT hardware. Revive IT offer various methods of onsite data wiping which utilise a wide range of data wiping software platforms.

The primary details of our onsite data wiping service are:

  • Revive IT offer the use of a wide range of software including Tabernus and Blancco
  • Our vehicles used at your site are equipped with CCTV, vehicle tracking, additional security locks, signage and these are operated by data security trained, BS 7858 vetted, trusted, professional Revive IT operatives
  • Our IT technical expertise and machinery is state of the art – Revive IT know that our people make our organisation so we employ IT engineers who have vast experience and knowledge in all aspects of IT infrastructure
  • Data wiping can be undertaken in our secure vehicle or actually inside your building
  • At the point of undertaking onsite data wiping, Revive IT will complete a full asset log of all devices which have been processed
  • Each onsite data wiping service includes full data destruction and asset report paperwork to confirm what Revive IT have done
  • All of Revive ITs data wiping systems are audited regularly to ensure they are performing to the highest standards
  • In the event a device can’t be data wiped, we offer a range of other destruction methods
  • We can data wipe onsite all types of data bearing devices – not simply limited to hard drives as you would expect
  • Our data security staff training is kept up to date at all times to ensure full compliance with the fast changing legislation, industry requirements and applicable threats
  • Revive IT are able to provide data destruction consultancy to advise the best methods of data wiping to suit your demands
Quick Erase 1pass Low Security
RCMP TSSIT OPS-II 8pass Medium Security
DOD Short 3pass Medium Security
US DOD 5220.22-M 7pass High Security
Gutman Wipe 35pass High Security
PRNG Stream depends on rounds
German VSITR 7pass High Security
Russian GOST p50739-95 5pass High Security
User Defined
RIT System 2 Single pass 0s with verification Medium Security
SSD Erase NAND Based erase High Security
RIT high Security 3 Pass 0s and random with inteligent verification High Security
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