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All distributors of electrical hardware have obligations under the WEEE regulations. Distributors must offer a take back scheme of old WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) items on a like for like basis when a customer buys an equivalent item. The obligation only goes to having to accept WEEE items that fulfil the same function as the new item being purchased, however the distributor can accept other items if they wish.

It is the distributor’s responsibility to dispose of the WEEE in compliance with all environmental laws.

Thought must also be given to any data which may remain on the WEEE which goes for recycling – it is good practice to ensure data destruction is complete despite the WEEE not actually being produced by the distributor.

In addition records must be kept for all WEEE units returned to store for a 4 year period. The records have to contain a brief description of the WEEE items, the date accepted into store and the date at which it was disposed of safely.

Revive IT have a cost neutral solution to all IT distributors:

  • We offer a free of charge nationwide collection service of all IT related WEEE
  • Revive IT ensures you are compliant with all governing laws and regulations
  • A full waste paper trail is kept along with all records (Waste Transfer Note (WTN), Hazardous Waste Consignment Note (HWCN), Data Destruction Certificate (DDC), Asset Report, Audit Trail) for the relevant retention period
  • Included in the service is full data destruction via your chosen methods – this can be undertaken offsite or onsite
  • All our IT engineers and technicians are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of IT from basic switches all the way up to data centre establishments
  • We pride ourselves with our professional, reliable, high rated service which pays attention to detail
  • All distributors are welcome to visit our premises before using our service – alternately we can carry out a video conference call
  • Our zero landfill and sustainability policies ensure we are exceeding compliance with environmental law
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