Commercial Hardware Decommissioning

Revive IT understand that when it comes to an IT asset transition, it can be extremely troublesome to safely decommission commercial grade computer installations without interfering with remaining systems.

Revive IT have a department of IT engineers and technicians who overall possess a wealth of commercial grade hardware knowledge along with having years of experience in the field. Due in such to this, we are in a position to offer our hand of assistance in any decommissioning projects our existing and prospective clients may approach.

The qualifications and skill sets we possess consist of but are not limited to: hazardous material safety, multiple language speakers, cisco & juniper certifications, Microsoft MCSE, Dell & HP system engineers, Panasonic, Avaya & Snom engineers, VoIP certificates, Sun certifications, network device specialist, electronics engineers, electronic design safety etc. All these skills and many others not mentioned have all been used previously in large IT network setups across the UK.

Our commercial hardware decommissioning service features:

  • We devote ourselves to an excellent all round service which exceeds legislation compliance and customers’ expectations
  • Revive ITs team of IT system engineers are able to decommission your commercial IT hardware without disrupting remaining setups, without damaging hardware and without any health and safety problems
  • All our decommissioning team have extensive experience and knowledge in all areas of IT hardware and electrical system safety which will ensure smooth decommissioning
  • Our onsite services also include data sanitization via crushing, shredding, data wiping, label removal, physical destruction and degaussing
  • Full auditable decommissioning asset trail which is completed at the same time as the service
  • Revive IT are able to undertake an audit and site assessment to discuss your requirements before any services commence
  • All members of the Revive IT team pass our BS 7858 security screening, are trusted, professional and well trained
  • Our commercial decommissioning projects can be cost neutral providing the hardware is to be recycled
  • All relevant legislation is complied with and all certificates will be received which can be accessed via our online portal
  • Revive IT are able to provide feedback and references from similar clients who required the same kind of projects
  • We can confidently say our logistics team is as secure as it gets – we have CCTV, vehicle tracking, snap locks, signage and the operators are vetted and intensely trained in data security
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