Communication / Media Broadcasting Recycling

Revive IT specially cater for all types of technology recycling including niche categories such as communication / media broadcasting hardware. Since the turn of the millennium the reliance on communication within our society (personally and commercially) has taken off to a whole new extent. Large amounts of communication / media broadcasting hardware is used all across the country, the majority of which contains extremely large amounts of confidential data.

When decommissioning and disposal of this equipment comes about, it is critical that a distinguished supplier is used to prevent confidential data leaks and non-compliance with all applicable legislation. Revive IT have identified the key reasons for using us for such disposals and decommissioning below.

  • Revive IT employ prominent, reputable people who have extensive experience and expertise with all types of media broadcasting and communication hardware
  • Our decommissioning teams can plan, work with clients and decommission all hardware safely and responsibility without disrupting remaining setups
  • We can data sanitize all types of equipment onsite to the highest standards
  • Absolutely all communications / media broadcasting equipment can be decommissioned and recycled: Digital video arrays, Satellite communications equipment, Multiplexers, All AV hardware, DV recording equipment, Carrier grade routing equipment , NTE (Network Termination Equipment), CPE (Customer Premises Equipment), Fibre optic based communication equipment, Telephone / internet systems back & network and storage equipment etc.
  • Revive IT provide an efficient, professional auditable asset tracking system; individual item tracking commences from the point of collection
  • We invest large amounts in choosing and training the right people; all our people are extensively trained, trusted, competent, respectable, responsible, motivated and security vetted to BS 7858
  • Our infrastructure has been built around data security – comprehensive risk assessments have been completed by our experts and every single available control technique has been implemented
  • We offer initial site viewings / audits / meetings to clarify and discuss requirements
  • Revive IT has built up an impressive reputation in this market place and so can provide references
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