Secure IT Logistics

There are essentially 1000s of organisations providing logistics services but only a handful can offer secure IT logistics like Revive IT can.

Theft and or the misplacing of your computer hardware containing your confidential data is at the peak of risk during transportation. A detailed risk assessment will successfully highlight the incalculable risks associated with transporting IT hardware.

Revive ITs experienced, expert managers have undertaken an extensive data security logistics risk assessment which has highlighted 35+ risks associated with data being transported via logistics. We have implemented comprehensive risk treatment mechanisms and so we are able to offer our secure IT logistics service; below some of the key features are detailed:

Use of our own modern vehicles featuring:

  • 24hr online tracking
  • Additional physical security locks on all access doors
  • Revive IT signage
  • Multiple CCTV cameras with extensive recording retention

All our drivers meet the following standards:

  • 5 year background checked
  • CRB checked
  • BS 7858 security screened
  • Trusted by Revive IT management
  • Trained intensively in data security procedures focussed especially around logistics
  • Carry security photo ID badges

The features of the service include:

  • Each item has an asset tag attached
  • Asset inventory copy received at the point of pickup
  • Asset inventory signed off on safe arrival at destination
  • UK nationwide coverage from our sites in Leeds and London

Pricing is determined depending on customer requirements. Please contact us to discuss your circumstances.

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