Overview Of Services

Complete Data-Safe IT Asset retirement service nationwide

95% of our provided services are on a cost neutral basis – please contact us to discuss your requirements


DATA WIPING – Data sanitization through wiping using a software platform

ONSITE DATA WIPING – Data sanitization at your site through wiping using a software platform

DATA WIPE AND RETURN – The data wiping of your hardware at our site which is then returned

CONFIGUATION WIPING – Data sanitization via wiping or resetting on more advanced hardware

CRUSHING – The physical destruction of data bearing devices by an approved crushing machine

DEGAUSSING – Irreversible data destruction using a magnetic field

SHREDDING – The shredding of computer device media to an irreversible form

LABEL / REFERENCE REMOVAL – All items Revive IT process are removed of confidential labels / references


COMMERCIAL IT RECYCLING – The secure collection, data destruction and recycling of all commercial grade IT hardware

COMMERCIAL HARDWARE DECOMMISSIONING – The onsite disconnecting, dismantling and removal of all types of commercial IT hardware

DATA CENTRE DECOMMISSIONING – The project management, dismantling, disconnecting and removal of data centre grade hardware with minimal disruption

IT DISPOSAL CONSULTANCY – Revive IT can provide consultation and advice in relation to all types of IT recycling, decommissioning, secure IT logistics and data destruction

MANUFACTURER RECYCLING – We offer a specific recycling service designed around the needs of IT equipment manufacturers

PROJECT MANAGEMENT – Using the wealth of experience and expertise we have in the IT recycling field, we are able to plan and manage various IT decommissioning, data destruction and recycling projects for all industry sectors

SECURE IT LOGISTICS – The transportation of IT equipment from one UK location to another using the Revive IT secure logistics fleet

ASSET AUDIT TRAIL – The provision of accurate and professional complete auditable IT asset tracking details


PARTNER WITH US – The establishing of an agreement between Revive IT and an IT organisation for mutual benefits

IT WASTE CONTAINERS – The providing of contains for use at clients premises for storing IT waste

REFER US FOR CHARITY – An optional service to ensure something is put back into society when disposing of redundant IT hardware

DOMESTIC RECYCLING – A drop off recycling service for people with small amounts of computer waste

BATTERY RECYCLING – The risk free collection and recycling of all battery types

SOLUTIONS FOR DISTRIBUTORS – A computer hardware WEEE take back recycling and data destruction option

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  • Free* service
  • Nationwide collections
  • Everything IT related taken
  • Guaranteed data destruction
  • No third parties
  • Full Documentation & Certificates
  • Trusted by 1000s of organisations
  • Millions of items processed annually
  • Fully insured service
  • 9001 – Quality
  • 14001 – Environmental
  • 27001 – Data Security
  • 22301 – Continuity
  • 18001 – Safety
  • 50001 – Sustainability
  • BS 7858 – Staff Vetting
  • BS EN 15713 – Secure Destruction
  • UKAS Certified
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